Diversity constitutes the main source of strength and richness of values of human civilizations.

The universal character of human rights and fundamental freedoms makes it necessary to understand the importance of national and regional particularities and different historic, cultural and religious backgrounds, and to respect the diversity of economic, political and social systems existing in the world.

Cultural diversity in a globalizing world needs to be used as a vehicle for creativity, dynamism and promoting social justice, tolerance and understanding as well as international peace and security, and not as a rationale for a new ideological and political confrontation,

Forms of universalism must be reconciled with respect for a wide diversity of cultures, religions, nations and ways of thinking that allow individuals, communities and nations to have a sense of belonging and identity. The Non-Aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity believes that NAM member states should develop their own culture by ensuring a harmonious blend of universal, regional and national values and particularities which are essential for guaranteeing world peace.

Each nation has, indeed, the particular culture that is best suited to its own reality, and the people must be entitled to pursue their own cultures. In this regard NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity is ready to contribute to the advancement of human rights, with a special focus on cultural diversity.