The Non-aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (NAMCHRCD) is an outcome of the Non-aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting on Human Right and Cultural Diversity, held on September 3-4, 2007, in Tehran . In the final document of the Meeting, entitled “the Tehran Declaration and the Plan of Action”, the Member States decided to establish a Center in Tehran.Taking into consideration the virtues of historical traditions and the values of all civilizations and cultures around the World, the Center as an educational-research institution provides scientific analysis and promotes discourse in global human rights and cultural diversity issues.

Under the heading of “Diverse Cultures towards the Enrichment of the Universality of Human Rights” in the Tehran Declaration, the main function of the Center is to prepare a platform for the exchange of knowledge, good practices, general reflections, and to have intensive debate in order to contribute to the advancement of human rights, with a special focus on the common human rights challenges that the developing countries encounter.