His Excellency Mr. Dian Wirengjurit


I would like to thank the NAM Center for human right and cultural diversity for organizing the seminar to be held at university of Tehran, This is very opportune moment actually to revive the discussion on cultural diversity and human rights.

Egypt places high value to upholding all human rights. entertain the international community should treat human right globally in a fair & equal manner on the same footing and with the same emphasis as underline by article 5 of Vienna Declaration on Human Rights 1993 and program of action.

Egypt commends the leadership role by NAM states to emphasis the importance of human rights and cultural diversity through sponsoring resolution A/RES68/159 in the General Assembly of the UN on annual basis since 1999.

Today we support the renewed efforts of NAM states under the leadership of Iran to further underscore the importance of protecting of both universal human rights and cultural diversity, besides developing future action that can impact positively the relation between human right and cultural diversity.

We look forward to share our views and experiences particularly with the experts and academician present today in order to push forward our collective endeavors, in promoting and protecting cultural diversity on the wide context of the full respect of universal human rights.

All countries and cultures in the rich multiplicity and diversity constitute an integral part of common heritage of mankind. Assuch cultural diversity must be recognized and respected for the benefit of both the present and future generations. The defense of cultural diversity is inseparable from the respect of human dignity and contributes to the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Moreover the international community must thrive to respect the right of people to enjoy the national cultures.

All cultures and civilizations share a set of common values and principles;the universality does not undermine cultural diversity. On the country respect for the latter facilitate universal promotion and protection of human rights and encourage cooperation among nations which ultimately generate international peace and security. In this regard the respect of historical heritage of religioussites is a formally established obligation for the entireinternational community.

Consequently threatening the architectural or the demographic structures in including religious structures in such sites represent a grieve violation of international human right law. Therefore it is refutable that the policies and action perpetratedcontinuously by the Israelis, and these days in the occupied territory and namely in the occupied east Jerusalem and al-Haram Sharif complex.

Constitute a continuous and grieve violence of humanitarian law,while Egypt affirms that human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated. It is our convections also, that such universality must also take account of the cultural, historical and religious particularly of different peoples.

Furthermore the universality should not result in imposition of certain culture or value system in other cultures; it is also our view that the acceptance of cultural diversity must not entail the retraction within the boundaries of national identity.

The survival of world multitude of cultures depends on their curative ability to maintain peaceful coexistence on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance dialogue and interaction. Our movement reach cultural multiplicity is exemplary of the fact that cultural diversity and multiple civilization backgrounds do not hinder nations from articulating joint goals and interest that aim at achieving interest of their respective citizens

Mr. Chairman

It is Egypt conviction that the international community must intensify its effort to refute ideologies that foster antagonism among civilizations of the world, such efforts would enhance cultural diversity and promote tolerance among peoples and therefore promote the universal advancement of human rights.

Tolerance is indispensible for encouraging understanding eliminating threats to peace and strengthening interaction and exchange among civilization. This role is increasing significance nowadays where the world is witnessing the rise of extremism cultural prejudice, Islamophobia, xenophobia and intolerance. These destructive developments are fueling violence among people and nation through the worlds.The international community must act with determination and affirmance in the face of these phenomenon’s.

In conclusion all governments, united nationsystem and all international governmental and non-governmental organizations should recognize and respect cultural diversity and should continue to formulate programs and undertake actions that aim at promoting dialogue among civilization. Egypt believes that the NAM states leadership on this paramount matter is indispensible to enhancing peace development and universally accepted human rights.