Statement by Director General Mr.Hassani at The 17th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement-Venezuela 2016


Statement at The 17th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement-Margarita Island,

 Venezuela 2016

by Mr.Seyed Mohammad Hassani

Director of NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

Honorable Ministers,

Distinguished Delegates and Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, let congratulate Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the assumption of the chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement and extend our appreciation to the Islamic Republic Iran for its remarkable NAM leadership in past four years.

I want also express my gratitude to the people and Government of Bolivarian Republic ofVenezuela for their excellent organization of this important meeting and for their warm and gracious hospitality.

Mr. Chairman,

Diversity constitutes the main source of strength and richness of values of human civilizations. Each culture has a dignity and value which must be respected and preserved. Every people and nation have the right and the duty to develop its culture. In this way all cultures form part of the common heritage belonging to all mankind.

The consecutive adoption of resolution on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity from 1999 by the General Assembly is a clear indication of the importance that the international community attaches to the relation between human rights and cultural diversity and also the aspects that cultural diversity can affect on universal human rights.


The World Conference on Human Rights in 1993 in Vienna reaffirmed that all human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and recognized the importance of bearing in mind national and regional particularities, as well as various historical, cultural and religious backgrounds.


Such universality must not fail to take account of the cultural, historical and religious particularities of different peoples or result in the cultural hegemony of one group of States over all the other countries of the world.Each nation has, indeed, the particular culturethat is best suited to its own reality.


The NAM member states enjoy long-standing cultural and civilizational backgrounds and the major civilizations of the world came in the existence in the lands which now constitute the main body of the Movement. As always, NAM intends to utilize this cultural diversity to bring about more prosperity for nations.


Contribution of cultures to the shaping ofhuman civilization will not be concluded without promotionof tolerance based on encouraging and protecting the cultural diversity of human societies.


In an another word, contribution of different cultures in determining the international norms and standards of human rights will undoubtedly prepare the ground for their more extensive participation in international human rights cooperation which, in turn, shall impart universal legitimacy and recognition to human rights and the use of the collective wisdom of a wider part of the international community will further enrich its contents.


The monopolistic approach on human rights and cultural diversity so far caused radical and extremist ideologies and engaged in acts of brutal terror and heinous violence in many parts of the world.


History and experience tell us that only through dialogue, understanding and inclusive cooperation, we can explore solutions for our common problems. Inter-cultural dialogue should be pursued in a manner to facilitate and promote a universal approach toward human rights.


The Non Aligned Movement has always committed itself for promoting tolerance and respect for cultural diversity, thereforwith the establishment of the NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity in 2007 by the NAM member states, a permanent mechanism was created for institutionalizing the intercultural dialogue on human rights aimed at enhancing the contributions made by NAM to the universal dialogue on human rights. The Non Aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity is following the strategy to increase and persuade intercultural dialogue and exchange of ideas to prevent cultural homogenization as well as uniculturalism in the context of globalization;


The NAM Centre for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity as a focal point with the purpose of the realization of the goals and objectives contained in the Tehran Declaration and Programme of Action 2007, renewing its commitment to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms including the right to preserve cultural identity which is a defining characteristic of humanity and forms a common heritage of humanity.

In line with its objectives, the Centre during passed years held many successful international events with the participation of more than 600 attendees and 100 speakers from NAM and other countries.


Mr. Chairman,

Finally, I would like to expressthe readinessof the NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity to cooperate fully with the government of Venezuela as the new chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movementbased onthe established goals and objectives of the Movement.

Also, I would like to extend my gratitude to the representatives of NAM member states and strongly welcome their participation in the activities of the Center. In this line and to accomplish our plans for 2016 and the years after, we are very much relying on the governmental support of every single NAM member state, and on the support of our friends and partner institutions, as well as on the support of every individual and institution around the world who have commitment to the promotion of human rights.


Thank you for your kind attention