Human Rights & Cultural Diversity – Call for Papers 2016-2017

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Call for Papers

The Non-aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (NAMCHRCD) is pleased to announce its Call for Papers in the field of “Human rights and cultural diversity”.

With regard to the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, “Human rights and cultural diversity”, to promote the idea of human rights and cultural diversity and to create a scientific basis for institutionalization of the cultural synergy in the field of human rights and identifying practical solutions in this respect and enhance the current resolution of the General Assembly, we are welcoming scholars proposals representing a wide range of disciplines, from humanities to social sciences.

We invite contributions along main themes which are accessible to a wide range of thinkers and disciplinary backgrounds,

Papers may consider the following themes:

Realities of national sovereignty, cultural diversity and universality of human rights


Unilateralism on human rights, realization of the cultural rights and vulnerability of cultural identities


Cultural unilateralism and extremism, universal concepts of human rights


World Cultures against violence and extremism


Cultural identities and realization of human rights


Right to self-determination, cultural rights and the universality of human rights


International Cooperation, human rights and cultural synergy


Human rights and cultural diversity, trends, dimensions and challenges ahead


Resolution on human rights and cultural diversity, capacities and requirements


Human rights and cultural diversity, in the context of international law and international human rights,