Need for creating intercontinental dialogue organizations


His Excellency Amenothep Zambrano speech at Tehran International Seminar 2014:


The Venezuelan ambassador to Iran laid the focus of his speech on two central factors: the Human Rights claims of the Venezuelan people since commander Chàvez assumed the presidency of the republic, and on the double standards employed by the imperial Western powers in defense of Human Rights as a pretext for systematically violating the human rights of the Latin Americans.

The Ambassador emphasized the fact that in the year 1999 the Venezuelan people were summoned to participate in a constitutional process which rewrote the Magna Carta and gave life to the current Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in 1999. In the same manner, the humanistic principles are embedded within the Bolivarian Government which places man at the center and reason for every effort on the part of the government, thus, the fundamental rights to which the Venezuelan people were denied were restored, and the women, senior citizens, children, disabled, indigenous people and other invisible minorities found their dignified places within the society.

During the decades preceding Commander Chàvez’s coming to power a phenomenon had originated in Venezuela, which was later exported to entire Latin America: the Desaparecido (The Disappreances), which was nothing short the total physical disappearance of those who attempted to voice their discontent against the oppressive systems of the time. Such practices were implemented by the Police and Military corps of the countries which were indoctrinated and trained by the American Schools that specialized in the arts of torture and crimes against humanity.

In the end, Ambassador Zambrano stressed the need for creating different organizations for intercontinental dialogue without the interference of the USA and Canada, which, not only can be conducive to promoting economic and commercial relations between the members, but also such organization can function as political blocs in defense of the human rights of Latin American and Caribbean People and help them claim their territory as a peace zone.