International Conference Venezuela 2015



The NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity is an outcome of the Non-aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity held in 2007 in Tehran.

The General Assembly of the United Nations by virtue of Resolution A/RES/68/159 acknowledges the important role that the Center plays in the promotion of human rights.

Since 1999, Resolution (A/RES/68/159) titled “Human Rights and Cultural Diversity”, has been sponsored by the NAM countries and adopted in the General Assembly by consensus. It has been adopted by voting mechanism in recent years.

Subsequent to endeavors by Non-Aligned Movement countries, the Tehran Declaration and Programme of Action on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity was adopted in 2007 at a NAM Foreign Ministers meeting in Tehran.

This stipulates that cultural diversity and the pursuit of cultural development by all peoples and nations are a source of mutual enrichment for the cultural life of humankind.

Tolerance and respect for cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversities, as well as equitable and mutually respectful dialogue among and within civilizations, are essential for peace, understanding and friendship among individuals and people of different cultures and nations of the world. Manifestations of cultural prejudice, intolerance and xenophobia towards different cultures and religions may generate hatred and violence among peoples and nations.

An environment conducive to cultural diversity will contribute significantly to full respect for human rights and universal humanitarian values. The way cultures contribute to the enrichment of the concept of human rights in a normative and practical manner, in order to achieve wider enjoyment of human rights, requires ongoing exploration.


Caracas Conference: Focus and objectives

The overall objective of the Conference is to further develop understanding of the ways that cultures can contribute to the enrichment of the notion of human rights; to elaborate the concept and definition of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity; and to promote a coherent approach to operationalize such.

The specific objectives of the conference are to:

A)  Provide a space for further dialogue for experts and academics to identify and discuss best practices and actions that address the positive effects of cultural diversity to support humanity.


B)  Create further awareness and enhance understanding of cultural diversity in order to develop international cooperation in the field of human rights.


C)  Clarify and discuss the impact of uniculturalism on national values and identities and what would be the fate of global human rights in this context.


Conference Format

The opening session of the Conference will be inaugurated by Iran and Venezuela and will continue with statements by a number of Non-aligned Movement Ambassadors in Caracas. (approximately 10 minutes for each speaker)

The format of the Conference is in morning and afternoon panels that will consist of 20 minutes presentation by invited experts and professors on specific themes, followed by inter-active dialogue and discussion between speakers and participants.

The Chairperson/moderator will provide a wrap-up at the end of each session.

  • The working languages of the event are English and Spanish.
  • For further information please contact NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: