Islam and Intra-Muslim Regional Human Rights Mechanisms
Kamran Hashemi


Kamran Hahsemi* Abstract The OIC and the Arab League are the largest intergovernmental organizations whose membership is comprised solely of Muslim states. In the early 1990s each organization adopted a…

Natural Challenges of Cultures in Support of Humanity
Mohammad Javad Javid


   A Theoretical Assessment on the Basis of legal Sociology and Legal Anthropology   Mohammad-Javad Javid* & Esmat Shahmoradi**   Abstract The relation between culture and nature has been an…

Moral Development, Culture and Humanitarianism
Hosein Diba


Hossein Diba* it is clear that the fundamental human rights and humanitarian legal principles are based on ethical values and moral rules. The most recent researches in anthropology, social psychology…

The Relationship between Cultural Diversity and Human Rights
Mostafa Alaei


Mostafa A’laye* The subject of the statement is the relationship between the cultural diversity and human rights in more than one aspect: the human rights per se, the universality of…

Challenging Racism through Human Rights Education
Linda Briskman


Linda Briskman* the paper examines racism in a global context while drawing on Australian examples of Indigenous peoples, immigrants and Muslims. The study poses questions about the limits of multiculturalism…

Various Approaches to Multiculturalism and the Individual Human Rights
Jakub Krys


Jakub Kryś* Abstract Last decades brought previously unknown scale of migrations and growing multicultural environments in many cities and countries. This process in turn creates new problems and previously unknown…