Declaration of the 17th summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)


The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held its 17th summit Sept. 17-18, on Margarita Island, in the state of Nueva Esparta, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to mark its 55th anniversary….

Statement by Director General Mr.Hassani at The 17th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement-Venezuela 2016


Statement at The 17th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement-Margarita Island,  Venezuela 2016 by Mr.Seyed Mohammad Hassani Director of NAM Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Honorable Ministers, Distinguished Delegates and Guests, Ladies…

World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2016


Non-Aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity celebrated the World Day of Cultural Diversity on 18 May in cooperation with the UNESCO; the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism…

Human Rights & Cultural Diversity – Call for Papers 2016-2017

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Call for Papers The Non-aligned Movement Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (NAMCHRCD) is pleased to announce its Call for Papers in the field of “Human rights and cultural…

Need for creating intercontinental dialogue organizations


His Excellency Amenothep Zambrano speech at Tehran International Seminar 2014:   The Venezuelan ambassador to Iran laid the focus of his speech on two central factors: the Human Rights claims of the…

Tolerance is indispensible for eliminating threats to peace


His Excellency Mr. Khalid Ibrahim Emara speech at Tehran International Seminar 2014: “Tolerance is indispensible for encouraging understanding eliminating threats to peace and strengthening interaction and exchange among civilization” I would…




Call for dissertation papers

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(فراخوان رساله های دانشگاهی و طرح های پژوهشی (کارشناسی ارشد و دکتری مرکز حقوق بشر و تنوع فرهنگی جنبش عدم تعهد بر اساس قطعنامه حقوق بشر و تنوع فرهنگی مجمع…

International Seminar Human Right & Cultural Diversity 2014


The 1993 Vienna Declaration and Program of Action article 5 states that “all human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelated. The international community must treat human rights globally…

Ministerial Meeting of the Non- Aligned Movement, Algeria 2014


The 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) took place in Algiers on 28-29 May 2014 under the theme “Enhanced solidarity for peace and prosperity”. The conference brought together…